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Biography of Sri Vijay Gopala

Vijay Gopala, founder of Yoga Gita in India, has been studying and practicing Yoga from a very young age. The subject
has been passed on to him through generations in his lineage. He holds two master degrees; one in Yoga and one in
philosophy, respectively, and has a graduate degree in science.

For Vijay, teaching is a natural part of sharing his own experience, and he will guide you through the refined techniques
found within the original yogic traditions. In his teachings, he contemporizes the ancient subject to be understood from a
scientific angle of today’s society. His aim is to spread the knowledge and practice of self awareness. Self awareness is
the core element in Yoga. This becomes the basic preparation for all the different ways of Yoga. It forms the basis for a
life in balance, both at individual and social level.

The practice of Yoga is an evolved approach of expressing your Self, also known as the manifestation of the Self. Your
Self manifests at the level of your body, breath, mind, wisdom and soul. Approaching Yoga from any other angle will lead
you to express something else, something other than Yoga. Therefore it is crucial to maintain a yogic quality in your
practice, which can be taught by masters and yogis. Vijay Gopala will guide you from this approach, which serves to
increase your life energy, allowing you the best possible expression of your Self in your everyday life.

Vijay travels to different parts of the world with the mission of spreading awareness of the real essence of Yoga. His vast
experience has resulted in a teaching methodology, which integrates both eastern and western life skills.
Sri. Vijay Gopala is recognized as a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) with Yoga Alliance UK. This accreditation demonstrates
excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance UK. Yoga Gita offers Teacher Training Courses (RYS) in India and the
Netherlands. For more information, visit: www.yogagita.org.


Dear Students and Teachers…


In this creation, Yourself is the most valuable thing. As a matter of fact, there is no target in practicing Yoga, there is no competition, you are the target, you are the person who is dealing with yourself.

I am here to offer you my guidance through Yoga Gita and helping you to find the rhythm of your own practice and harmonising that rhythm with your actual beingness of life.

When you apply this experienced rhythm and balance of yourself into your practices, it will lead you to enormous strengths filled happy state of mind and fulfilment of life. This is the gift I wish to offer to all of you.

Affectionately yours
Vijay Gopala